New dance film with Helena Franzén

In November 2017 I will work again with Helena Franzén, Håkan Jelk and Jukka Rintamäki in a dance film project. I will perform in the film with dancer Ossi Niskala. Working title of the film is Strange Birds. Strange Birds

Co-operation with GrusGrus Theatre.

Later during the year 2017 I will be co-operating with the GrusGrus Theatre, a multidisciplinary theatre led by director Ville Kurki. GrusGrus Theatre celebrates this year its tenth year of existence.

Residency in Trois C-L

  September 2017 I will be in residency in Trois C-L, Luxembourg. Two weeks of exploring, classes and demo in 3 du Trois evening. Dance movie Tammi, a collaboration with choreographer Helena Franzén will be screened at the same event. Also this creative process is supported by Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation. Stay tuned for more […]

Working grant from Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation.

Year 2017 I will be working partly with a support of Jenny and Antti Wihuris foundation. Thank you for the support! Projects include for example dance movie Tammi, a collaboration with choreographer Helena Franzén and photographer Håkan Jelk. The Finnish premiere will be in Dance Current Festival in Tampere.  

Performing in Dance Current Festival May 2017

I will be performing in Dance Current Festival 16th of May with a performance Going Astray by Helena Franzén. I will be also appearing in a dance movie Tammi each day of the festival.